A Union of Passion and Creativity in Milan - Fazio Jewelry

Founded in 1976, Gioielli Fazio is the result of the union of two creative souls: Giuseppe Fazio, a skilled goldsmith, and Laura, an architect with an innate passion for precious stones. Together, they created a brand that combines craftsmanship and innovative design, inspired by the compositional lightness and chromatic brightness of the Rococo style.

Our Values
At Gioielli Fazio, we believe in the beauty of craftsmanship, the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry and the power of the stories told through our designs. We value integrity, creativity, excellence and attention to detail, and are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Commitment to Sustainability
As a company, we are acutely aware of our role in the environment. We are committed to minimizing our ecological impact through sustainable practices. This includes using ethical and sustainable materials whenever possible, reducing waste in our manufacturing process and manufacturing in response to demand to avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating bespoke jewelry for our customers and reworking existing jewelry that is no longer used. This allows us to not only further reduce our environmental impact, but also give new life to precious pieces, preserving their unique history and beauty.

Craftsmanship Excellence and Attention to Details

Our artisanal and family business is the beating heart of Gioielli Fazio. For over 40 years, we have been committed to creating unique jewels that convey emotions and tell stories. Every piece that comes out of our hands is the fruit of a careful and loving process, guided by the passion for the craft that we have inherited and passed down from generation to generation. Our dedication to high-quality craftsmanship is reflected in our attention to detail, from the precision of the engravings to the expertly set gems and intricate workmanship.

Innovative Design and Timeless Elegance

Our innovative design is a tribute to the timeless elegance of the Rococo style. Inspired by the grace of floral details, the sinuosity of lines and the brightness of colors, we create jewels that embody the essence of nature and combine classic elegance with a contemporary touch. Each Fazio jewel is a unique work of art, a reflection of the individuality and style of the wearer.

A New Generation and Family Continuity

In 2022, during a period of lockdown, children Eleonora and Alessandro took over the family business, proudly carrying on our legacy. Despite the challenges of the moment, their passion and creativity have contributed to keeping the flame of artisanal jewelery alive, embracing new technologies and trends without ever losing sight of the values ​​and quality that distinguish Gioielli Fazio.

A Personalized and Accessible Experience

At Gioielli Fazio, each jewel is a personal narrative, a unique work of art that reflects the individuality and style of the wearer. We are here to make luxury accessible through our dedication to high-quality craftsmanship. We offer an exceptional service, which includes the repair and redesign of existing jewellery, as well as the creation of new pieces with stones carefully selected or supplied by our customers.

Our Gratitude

We are grateful to share our passion with you and be part of your story. Located on Via Belfiore 3 in Milan, we are proud to be part of the jewelery tradition of this city renowned for its commitment to art and craftsmanship. Explore our assortment of unique and personalized jewels, let yourself be fascinated by the timeless beauty of Gioielli Fazio and discover the accessible luxury that distinguishes our jewellery.

Join Us in This Discovery of Beauty
Explore our assortment of unique and personalized jewels, let yourself be fascinated by the timeless beauty of Gioielli Fazio and discover the accessible luxury that distinguishes our jewellery. We look forward to welcoming you to our store or servicing you online. Together, we can create pieces that speak to the heart and stand the test of time.